Stony Brook University, Toll Drive Residence and Dining

Stony Brook, New York


KSQ Design


Stony Brook University


352,873 sq.ft.

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To continue attracting top-notch students and compete against leading universities, Stony Brook University undertook an ambitious new housing and dining project. A primary goal was to enhance students’ residential life experience by offering food- and technology-enabled meeting, social and recreation spaces by capitalizing on the use of dining hall spaces during non-peak hours.

The result is an integrated mixed-use space on the lower level, which accommodates the needs of students collaborating with each other and their professors. A modern architectural language, employing ironspot brick, cast stone and glass—which respects and relates to the materials used on existing campus buildings—the Toll Drive housing and dining project has a hotel-like feel, with dining and mixed-use spaces on the lower level and high-end, suite-style housing above. Phase one includes construction of the 1,000-seat dining facility and 300 bedrooms. Phase two includes 465 beds and a commons building, which links the two phases and serves as a social and activity hub, complete with Starbucks. The project is slated to be LEED gold.

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